It’s hard to be me. I’m so loyal an Considerate and Sometimes it’s to the wrong ppl. I tend to always want to help ppl up and the whole time they’re doing opposite to me. 

Sometimes It’s heart-breaking to be me. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and my name still gets drug through the mud. 

At times it’s inspiring to be me. Having the strength to be calm in the middle of a storm. Seeing a person having a horrible day can make them laugh or smile. To having the strength to forgive somebody that’s done me wrong and most likely will do it again. Some one might look back and think it’s inspiring. 

At other times it could be draining being me. Being pulled this way and that way. If I am able I won’t say no and will try to get a million things done in a 24 hr day. Never taking the time out to worry about Asja and her alone. But I’m learning, I’m changing, and I’m praying. All in All this is me and I think it’s challenging but also great being me. Others might say the total opposite and I might be horrible. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though. ☺

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