How do I honestly answer that when you are what your environment turns you into. By being a part of many environments I’ve developed the personality of the chameleon which is what I call myself from time to time. Chameleons have to swallow their pride at times but not always. Pride is what gave me the courage to do what needed to be done to survive. Being that I was raised in the system I had to establish myself as someone that wouldn’t be victimized. The quickest way to do that was catching A case of the fuck its

That’s when you don’t care about the consequences for your actions at all. I felt I was already in the worst possible predicament I could be in. It took 10 group homes, 3 juvenile Halls, 2 bot camps, 4 country jails and 5 prisons to make me into who I am today. Many would say that’s no way to be raised but I did came very quickly that I would have develop (certain) traits to make it through as peacefully as possible. Trats like Honesty Loyalty and Empathy just to name a few. By Knowing the pain of being alone in my time of need I developed what’s Known as robin Hood syndrome. Constantly I find myself doing things for people that I wish someone would have done for me. 

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