Surrounded by 116 other people, yet I’ve never been more alone. I’m treated like a heartless villain because I made a mistake. I treat people with respect & I help as many people I can everyday. I’m a shoulder to cry on, a crutch to lean on. I’m not a savage. I’ve got a family at home, we have a cat & a dog, we eat dinner & watch movies together, I’m kind of like everyone else. But I get treated as if I’m not. Actually, I’m the exact opposite because of the mistake I made. A very serious mistake, but, all in all, a mistake. As you read this, see if you can recall how many mistakes you’ve made in life. Now imagine if you were treated like an animal each time you made one. Imagine if each one cost you 10 years of your life. Think twice before you judge a person or treat someone different because they are or were incarcerated. We’re people too. 

Virginia, 23
Currently Incarcerated

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