Prison Journalism Project is happy to share our writers and reporters’ stories with your print and online audiences. You are free to republish them under a Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted on the page. You can use the URL or copy and paste the story into your CMS. 

We sometimes receive inquiries from publications who would like to pay our writers for stories they republish. The Prison Journalism Project is a volunteer-run organization and does not currently have funds to pay all of our writers for their stories, so we welcome such opportunities. Please contact the editor-in-chief Yukari Kane. Our writers receive 100% of any payment. 

Here are our ground rules: 

You must credit Prison Journalism Project and any other publications if it is a co-published story. In the byline, we prefer “ [Author Name], Prison Journalism Project.” At the top of the text of your story, please include a line that says: “This story was originally published by Prison Journalism Project,” and include a link to the article.  

No republishing of photographs, illustrations or graphics without specific permission. Please contact

No editing the content, including the headline, except to reflect changes in time, location and editorial style. For example, changing, “today” to “last week,” or San Quentin to San Quentin, California. You can also make minor revisions for style or headline size, and you can trim stories for space. You must also retain all original hyperlinks, including links to the Prison Journalism Project newsletters. 

No translation of our stories into another language without specific permission. Please contact

No selling ads against our story, but you can publish it on a page with ads that you’ve already sold. 

No reselling or syndicating our stories, including on platforms or apps like Apple News or Google News. You also can’t republish our work automatically or all at once. Please select them individually. 

No scraping our website or using our stories to populate websites designed to improve search rankings or gain revenue from network-based advertisements. 

Any site our stories appear on must have a prominent and effective way to contact you. 

If we send you a request to remove our story, you must do so immediately.

If you share republished stories on social media, please tag Prison Journalism Project. We have official accounts on Twitter (@prisonjourn), Facebook (@prisonjournalism), Instagram (@prisonjournalism) and Linked In.

Let us know when you share the story. Send us a note, so we can keep track.