Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

One of the goals of Prison Journalism Project is to de-stigmatize the incarceration experience by introducing people who are untouched by incarceration to perspectives and stories from behind walls. We want everyone to see people who are incarcerated for who they genuinely are and connect with them as fellow humans.

In this project, we invite people to take a piece of blank paper and anonymously answer the question: WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE YOU?

You can answer the question however you want as long as it’s honest and true.

What we hope to show is that all of us — whether we’re incarcerated or not — are just human. We make mistakes, we fall in love, we make friends, we care about our families. We also hope that the project will give readers emotional insight into the realities of incarceration, and that the submissions will reveal deep truths without the pressure of having to put your name on it.

Download the instructions here.