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Just imagine living in your bathroom, but minus a bathtub? Keep in mind, its size depends on your conviction (sentence time)? Now add to that picture: you eat, wash, pray, exercise, watch TV, pass bodily functions, breathe in air, read and write, smell (whatever enters via the sewer or vents, no open windows) , and get medical treatment there (except for emergency approved transfers)?

Imagine if you have someone (on the approved telephone numbers list, limit 30) to telephone, assuming the Warden hasn’t deleted or restricted your telephone use? That you talk to the outsiders from your bathroom while being recorded, monitored and profiled?

Imagine, federal elections usurped by selection? That national debt is the bank account of the super wealthy and their lackeys, members of three federal branches?

Imagine the USA whittled down to Russia, void of oversight? Where “We The People” became “BASE” and justice for “Justus”? That two types (Rep and Dem) merge as one type (Democratic-Republican Party) or “good cop, bad cop”?

Imagine the union heads have militias, which link to law enforcement?

Imagine federal courts bypass and usurp via “discretionary function” or “good cop, bad cop”? Where three branches became Constitution and media their law enforcement? “‘We the People” are culprits preyed upon. No OVERSIGHT?

Imagine the black ops sterilizing and/or population controlling? NO OVERSIGHT/TAKE CARE CLAUSE, right?

And, imagine movies — “1984,“V,” “Angel Heart,“The Visit,” etc. Art imitates life. Pave the way of movies, proceedings, prison reform?

Inside (federal) prison, unions’ control: hiring (guards); economic gains for prisons surrounding economies voting elections); Congressional elections; government appointments; bank loans; ad information! There is no oversight as those monopolies’ head. Those agencies tanked with supervision: “Who will guard the guards, themselves?” In a “good cop, bad cop” government, there is no oversight for “We the People!” The nation’s debt imprisons! Nature mirrors the human agriculture! Every gain contrary to majority interests weighs down (seesaw) is adverse! Hence, the COVID-19 pandemic! Nature teaches: 1) greed isn’t good 2) hoarding isn’t a step in the right direction 3) Those with more don’t return any 4) laws are broken by neoteny 5) justice leaves like polluted air 6) racism is in rooted-greed 7) most are immature and not supervisable 8) everyone gets a chance to walk in others’ shoes and 9) it is all vanity!

When Americans were tested with COVID-19, they failed. Nature grades, but “We the People” are running out of chances! Where were the religious folk? It’s all a show, and it is all vanity! When the camera goes on “smiles and lies,” “smoking mirrors!”

In love, we know it’s not real! There’s a bunch of actors, both sides of bars! Out there, freedom doesn’t exist, yet no platform is available to warn others. Therefore you rebake … warn them, and remind them of the sins they are committing, that they may alarm their wickedness.

Where are the warners who are not yes men and yes women? Nature seeks that “We the People” to look at America, look at oneself, look in a mirror and look into the truth (of this nation) before the fall!


They see, with ‘their own eyes and hear with their own ears!

A fool abuses tries. Wasn’t taught about fears!

They don’t believe the past and won’t ever grow up!

For will does not last. Ye know this in your gut!

This supremacy is protected by Congressional omission.

Judicial “nepotism” and executive direction! COVID-19 is nature’s mirror. That is too foggy for neoteny to grasp! If the church is to joke — to prove “We the People,” then parents (ADULTS) must!

Imagine, you live in your bathroom? Your food is thrown on the floor?

No one to apply the laws? And no one MATURE. Peter Pan-ish nation?

Would ye pray for destruction, for I of this Nation? As Noah, Moses and Jesus did?

Ayyab Rahim Abdullah dated this work May 14, 2020.

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Ayyab Rahim Abdullah is a writer incarcerated in Colorado.