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Prison Messaging: We are on JPay, Securus, Corrlinks, GTL Connect Network and GTL Getting Out. Our email is for Securus and Corrlinks. GTL messages will from from James Pane, JPay messages will come from James Pane, We can also receive messages on GTL Getting Out, but we cannot receive submissions on it because of the severe limitations of the service.

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Prison Journalism Project
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Prison Journalism Project
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Prison Journalism Project
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Book Review Requests

PJP has a review section, where writers review books, TV shows or films that touch on incarceration. If you are interested in having a PJP writer review a book, email with a description of the book (review copies will need to be sent directly to the writer from the publisher due to prison rules).

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Whether you’re a potential writer, supporter, educator, intern, volunteer, journalist, media organization or a like-minded non-profit group, we welcome you as a partner and a member of our community. For more information on how to work with PJP, visit our Collaborate with Us page.