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Partner With Us. Join Our Community. 

Collaboration is a core value for Prison Journalism Project. We believe that the only way to expand journalism behind bars, shift the narrative and shed light on the U.S. incarceration system is to join with others and work together. (See a list of our partners, collaborators and friends.)

We welcome you as a partner and a member of our community whether you’re a potential writer, supporter, educator, intern, volunteer, journalist, media organization or a like-minded non-profit group.

As a start, we invite you to better acquaint yourself with our stories and writers by subscribing to our weekly newsletter The Inside Story and amplifying our work on social media:

Individuals and Publications Inside

Potential Writers: We publish articles, poetry and artwork from incarcerated writers and people impacted by incarceration. Here’s how you can get started.

Prison Publications: We are interested in supporting you and amplifying your work. Contact or write to PJP, 3501 Southport Ave. #204, Chicago, IL 60657.

Journalists and Publications Outside

Journalists: If you are looking for an incarcerated reporter to help flesh out a story or you would like to work with us on a story reported on both sides of the wall, contact Please note that we need a minimum lead time of 7-10 days. We cannot handle overnight requests because of the challenges communicating with our writers.

Media Organizations: We welcome opportunities to co-report, co-publish or collaborate with you. We can also help connect you with incarcerated writers and serve as an intermediary if you are looking for a stringer or a contributor to a story package, feature story or program. Contact us at Our past and current partners include The Marshall Project, Washington Post, San Francisco Public Press, Oaklandside, Dallas Morning News and CBSN Bay Area. 

Interns and Volunteers

Interns: As a new and fast-growing organization, Prison Journalism Project offers a rich, remote internship experience that allows college juniors/seniors and graduate students to be integrally involved in important projects and discussions. Interns also receive mentorship from senior staff. We primarily work with college and graduate students with experience in journalism and a strong interest in criminal legal reform. We have limited opportunities for paid internships and prefer, but do not require, that you have alternative funding or the ability to receive college credit. We are happy to work with your institution. Click here for more information about our internship opportunities.

Volunteers: We rely on volunteers to help with transcriptions, editing and other duties. Work is remote and hours are flexible. We value past journalism experience, but it is not mandatory. Click here for more information


Journalists and Journalism Educators Interested in Teaching Opportunities: Interested in helping to shape correspondence-based prison journalism curricula? Contact

Prison Education Groups: If you are interested in partnering with us to develop a journalism course behind bars, contact If you are interested in PJP co-publishing or re-publishing student work on PJP, contact


Advocacy Groups: If you are interested in incorporating PJP’s journalism education training into your work or if you work with incarceration-impacted people who might be interested in writing for PJP, contact