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I look through the porous window,
No, not the grey misted silver
Cut deep into the cemented wall,
But through the protruding oriel
Veneered in my mind. 
I see brilliant landscapes
Swaying in shades of freedom.

I see concrete hills littered with scandent buildings,
Large and small,
Colorful spectrums from amber to zaffer,
Lush with all kinds of people.
I see lovers holding hands,
Touching, caressing, kissing, united in heart’s desire, 
Together as one, an eternal duo. 
These precious moments gripped in time, 
Shimmering in shades of freedom.

I see asphalt valleys lined in shops, 
Bustling offices splashed red with brick;
Duplex granite fleeced in raven dark.
A sinuous network of commerce and art,
United in purpose, diverse as the zephyr winds;
Resplendent hues in vivid display,
Exposing the charity of life, 
Scenery in shades of freedom.

These once-vibrant memories: 
All of us playing at the park, 
My sons splashing in the river, 
Me hanging out at home with friends. 
Fragments of a hopeful past, 
Now faded into oblivions grasp, 
Shadows in shades of freedom.

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Travis Britt

Travis Britt is a poet who has been writing poetry since he was a teenager. He loves putting his ideas, thoughts and dreams into words to give them life. A devout Christian, Travis is enrolled in International Christian College and Seminary’s master’s program for pastoral ministry and theology. He is incarcerated at California State Prison Los Angeles, where he is serving two 25-years-to-life sentences.