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COVID-19 Heroes and Food Banks
If you cook the way you walk;
I would eat your burnt rice.
For what is a jester without a court?
A fool without an audience
Overwhelm me with introductory letter
Social distancing only makes us better
From birth until eternity we are entwined;
Knives of calamity can’t come between this dear
Friend of mine
Emotional outburst, hunger betrays this
Heart of wing
Never muted your cherished as if divine
Whenever speech has eluded me
Wherefore art thou my slivery tongue
When I needeth thee?
On bended knee answer this plea!
Come before I beckon
Curing writer’s block I reckon
Showeth oneself as cornucopia of wealth.
Distribute medicine and food assuring health,
A flowery discourse of language you work in
Hallelujah! For this vision,
As you go forth without mission.
From the heights of heather,
Rise up for humanity’s pleasure;
As proud peacocks, eyes of feather,
You friend are brave beyond fair weather.
For as sure as I talk vaccination;
Throughout all the sensation.
Suffice it to say. We shall have rice to eat another day!

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

James Terry II is a writer who was was born in France. He was raised in U.S. Air Force military households in France for five years and in Germany for four years. His novel "JT’s Story of Justice Denied" can be downloaded from He is incarcerated in Wisconsin.