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It goes past the power of my words to express the rodeo clowns at Lakeland C.F. (Correctional Facility), herein the State of Michigan.

However it’s only a small number of clowns at Lakeland that can understand that they could be the next coronavirus prey.

I am witnessing clowns dying and being hospitalized and being quarantined to stop the respiratory emissions.

The State has issued clowns three face masks made by other state clowns, and the staff is wearing the colors of gang bandannas.

Furthermore all the kitchen staff workers and some clowns have been replaced because they were contaminated with respiratory emissions.

The facility flop houses have controlled movements and have stopped visits and closed the law library, religious services as well as recreational activities.

Yeah! The warden has allowed clowns to receive two free e-mail stamps and two five-minute telephone calls a week.

Oops! The warden has placed a pacifier in the clowns’ mouths by giving clowns all night power to watch TV and make reservations. They can also make calls up to 2 a.m.

My bed is about seven feet from the unit telephone and I hear the rodeo clowns begging their family and friends for gym shoes and commissary orders, instead of inquiring about their health.

The shoe company sent all clowns an e-mail to inform them that they had sold out of gym shoes.

The warden now allows clowns an extra $50 in store orders. The clowns’ beds are head to head and their faces are so close that they can smell each other’s bad breaths.

The prison is giving the clowns watered down bleach, and the clowns are using it to wash clothing, bowls, cups and soak their feet and brush the coffee stains off of their teeth.

Again it’s dangerous living around clowns. You can expect to get the contaminated respiratory emissions.

The clowns will not wear their masks.

The officers are searching clowns and their lockers, and they do not change their gloves.

No one is making clowns wear a mask.

Officers are packing up infected clowns’ properties and will not change their gloves.

The conditions inside of prison is overcrowded and there are no adequate ventilation systems in the unit.

The warden makes the building maintenance staff turn off the fans.

I am the unit restroom porter, and I am cleaning the restroom without any protected clothing etc.

I am only allowed a mask and a pair of gloves.

Gene Favors submitted his essay on May 15, 2020.

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Gene Favors is a writer incarcerated in Michigan. Favors' pieces are submitted through the American Prison Writing Archive, a partner of the Prison Journalism Project.