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Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

What’s the price of life? 
Does it amount to nothing but toil and strife? 
Is it mannerisms or how well one is at being nice? 
The price of a life just a single one, we must find the context for this to be done.

Is it something special or just that it’s observable 
The reason it’s so precious, 
I’m sure as a human you’re ready to detest this. 

Let’s ask an ant, or maybe a plant, 
Life nonetheless, 
But unless you have a voice, and can make a choice, 
Life is defined 

Some people will find the quality that distinguishes a vital functional being from a dead body or inanimate matter, 
If that’s the case then robot lives matter! 

What is the price of a life? 
Is it being human or is it more complex, 
Is breaking it down into molecules the proper context? 

If so then the price of a human life would be about $3.45 in precious metal costs 
If we so define, 
But then there’s time… 

Is it a variable in our lives equation, 
Or is it just another observation? 

The most popular thought, is that life has no cost, 
Priceless now there’s a thought! 
However, with war and poverty we come back to a tangible cost! 

We will have more to this report, when George Floyd’s family finally settles out of court. 
For them it won’t be enough! 
Which brings us to the question that’s more important than the other, 
Does life have a color? 
What would it be, maybe red, maybe green? 
Chlorophyll or blood it’s all the same, 
Running through veins. 

No, it’s that damned equality’s fault!
Man what a laugh,
If everything was equal we would have no need for the math, or the stereotypical demograph.
A life for a life is perfect balance if equality’s the case,
Ask yourself how bitter that equation tastes,
When you’ve lost a loved one and never again look upon their face!

What’s the price of life 
I don’t think that’s the question 
I think it’s a mistake, 
Life is much too precious to misplace, 

As of now this is the only place in all of outer space, 
And we are still fighting over something as stupid as race, 
If we keep on this pace, 
Life as we know it will be gone and will have left no trace! 
Life will be gone of everything that matters, 

Leaving behind the only thing that’s left and that’s matter!

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

T.R. Reggs is a writer incarcerated in Missouri. T.R. Reggs writes under a pen name.