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(From a July 20, 2020, @VoicesofSanQuentin Instagram post)

Jonathan Chiu was released from San Quentin May 1, 2020: “There are many of my friends and loved ones that are still inside. I was fortunate to be released prior to the COVID pandemic while my other friends and my loved ones were not so lucky. Currently, they’re facing COVID and the possibility of death.  

“I would hope that they would let these people go and reduce the population overall, because it’s not just the community problem. It’s going to spread out here. When all the staff gets infected, they’re gonna come back out and it’s gonna affect where I’m at.”  

The number of COVID-19 related deaths as of today is 40. Currently the number of active cases at San Quentin has declined sharply, to 869. However, most experts agree that the number of cases reported is inconclusive because there are people who are refusing tests, so there is not enough information about the percentage of people getting tested.  

To demand transparency in reporting, please go to the link in the profile to see how you can raise your voice and take action! #stopsanquentinoutbreak #carenotcages #human

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