Photo by  Ralph (Ravi) Kayden  via Unsplash
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden via Unsplash

Political parties come together
To try to slow down a horrendous fiend.
It’s not a man and it isn’t weather,
It’s a virus called COVID-19.

The virus has made everything shut down
In cities and states all across our land. 
Schools and bars close in every town
And groups of ten or more are banned. 

The major sports leagues are postponed
With March Madness cancelled as well.
Workers are told they must stay home,
Watching bills continue to swell. 

Countrymen work with each other
To slow what’s now a pandemic. 
Now if we could band together
To quell the drug epidemic. 

Opiates take as many lives
As this virus, once it is through. 
Save a bunch of this helping drive
Because we still have work to do!

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Frederick O. Lundeen

Frederick O. Lundeen is a writer from Wausau, Wisconsin, who is incarcerated at Redgranite Correctional Institution. Frederick is an aspiring poet and future sports journalist. Poetry, he writes, is a newfound passion that has changed his outlook on life.