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  1. Who I am is: Awoke, a fighter, liberator of the deaf, dumb, blind and ignorant. A voice of the now.
  2. Who I am is: Knowledge, wisdom and understanding, which ciphers equality. A voice of the past.
  3. Who I am is: Sorry that the blood, tears, and sweat that has been lost has yet to be found until… I am the yet-to-be.

The Police or Us?

Tamir Rice
Melissa Williams
Omarii Williams
Freddy Gray
Oscar Grant
Michael Brown
Alton Sterling
Tyrone West
Eric Gardner
Walter Scott
Samuel Dubois
Mark Clark
Fred Hampton
La Quan McDonald
Rekia Boyd
George Jackson
Jonathan Jackson
Timothy Russell
Medgar Evans
Emmett Till
Jonathan “Jack” Huggins
and George Floyd

Aggghhhh I scream…

Need I say any more names?

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Christopher Reginald Cox Jr.

Christopher Reginald Cox Jr. is a writer incarcerated in Maryland. He writes to have a voice so when he is released “we do not add to the recidivism rate.” Christopher’s pieces are submitted through the American Prison Writing Archive, a partner of the Prison Journalism Project.