Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

People having conversations
about Mass Incarceration, and
ridding the system of this 13th
Amendment enslavement


The narrative has lasted much
longer than the Intellectual
Masturbation, provided at each
presentation of those who
keep coming and coming over
our dire situation. 

As each speaker states: excited
to be here and part of the conversation.
While we die off, because it’s 
just conversation.

Not yet free!

Now our sons, daughters, and
grandchildren are in the same
situation. While they who
claim to have the solutions
continue to Masturbate, yet
we’re still not free.


Generation after Generation
continue to be led to their
while they continue in
their Intellectual Masturbation
and poets like Nikky Finney
saying, “We must lead with

But it gets lost in the Masturbation
the desire to be seen and heard
and that’s the purpose of the
climax, but still not free

Just Masterbation

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Kenneth M. Key

Kenneth M. Key is a writer and contributing artist incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center in Illinois. He was born and raised in South Shore, on Chicago’s Southwest Side. He says he loved to draw as a kid, and he hopes to generate change as an artist, writer, and occasional poet while he is incarcerated.