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Dear Friend,

Since I’ve been incarcerated, I realize time waits for no one. It breaks my heart to see the Black community losing lives for no reason. I think about the crying family member searching for answers when there aren’t any. It’s even worse to know that people we call to help can take people’s lives. 

The Black culture has fought to see equality in this world. Police brutality has grown because there are no consequences. They get paid time off, get to keep their jobs, and live with no regrets. Why do they get a pat on their back for using their authority wrongfully? How many lives in the Black community do we have to lose before enough is enough? Don’t they know God sees all?

I pray the Black Lives Matter Project gets results.

Why are police looked at differently? They are regular people outside of those uniforms.  Until they start paying for their wrongs, this will only get worse. Not all cops are bad cops, yes, I know. Do we get to pick the cop that could handle a situation the way he should? Can we trust the police any more? 

As a young kid, the police would visit my community. They would get to know the people on a one-on-one basis and show concern to the troubled kids. They gave long talks that changed the lives of some. I was one of those kids. Now you hesitate to dial 911 for help. Now we have to call our kids more often, scared to let them leave home for fear of never hugging them again.

Enough is enough.We need to be heard. Families are tired of burying their loved ones because of police brutality. No amount of money will bring back a life that was unfairly taken. Money isn’t the answer to everything. We need consequences. Consequences would mean so much more to the families who have lost a loved one by police hands.

I support the Black Lives Matter Project. Yes, I do. We want to live. Our kids want to live. Who are they to take it away forcefully, for no reason? People get side tracked and do wrong. But police still need to do their job the correct way. That’s what matters!

The Black Lives Matter Project stands for so much. Will their protest mean anything? I pray that it does.

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Keshia Freeman is a writer incarcerated in Virginia.