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It’s unfortunate the lives that have been lost. I have prayed for them all, even though I don’t have their names. Because we share this intrinsic value. Some might even say we inherit it. However, I’m of the thought that it’s given and free, given by God to us. 

I play the dirge and weep or cry at sad events. I smile at life and enjoy all its sensations. Like all people, I too desire love and to love. I’m a romantic. Maybe even hopeful. But people are evidence of hope, that there is light shining into the Darkness of Despair. 

Perhaps COVID-19 will usher in an Army of Hopefuls and Light Bearers to carry the torch into a new world and kingdom. Be the hands, feet, and face of love. Desire and aspire to be more. 

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Edison Ariel Ortiz

Edison Ariel Ortiz is a writer from Bridgeport, Connecticut, incarcerated in Georgia. He is a U.S. Army veteran, artist, poet, singer and songwriter. He loves martial arts and playing guitar and piano. He also loves the sound of the harp.