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This is the life I live,
So how am I supposed to make it to heaven
If I’m stuck for life in the penitentiary?
Some things in life cause misery,
You could see the blood of my eyes as I cry
And try to release all of this frustration,
Cuz the devil ain’t helpin’ the situation of incarceration. 
But don’t nobody wanna help me but evil Satan
I’m tryin’ not to panic but it’s too much static,
Cuz we found demons in the attic.
Things ain’t even systematic no more,
So I’ma grab my Bible cuz it’s like an automatic,
Verses diminishin’ curses.
A knock at my door wakes me from my tormented dream,
It’s Satan! Sayin’, “Open up! Freeze!” 
Cuz he’s comin’ for me while I was battling demons in my dream.
So I grabbed some Holy Water and watched Satan burn. 

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Durrell Anthony Puckett

Durrell Anthony Puckett is a writer from Los Angeles, incarcerated in California State Prison, Sacramento. Durrell has been in prison for the majority of his life, but he is now trying to make a difference by mentoring youth through “Inside Out Writers,” a program where I learned how to express myself on paper instead of through violence. He has been published in Maxim, Deliverer, Black+Pink and Prison Express.