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A lonely man sits
At a desk full of papers,
Thousands of words
Trapped between lines.
He wonders, “Why?
Why do I write? 
When I die, 
Will these words die with me? 
Is there any point 
In writing these lonely words?
Will they be remembered
When they turn to dust? 
Do I write for you,
The reader? 
Or am I simply
Writing these words for myself? 
These piles of paper,
A collection of thoughts.
Who will understand? 
Does it matter? 
As long as I live,
I will spill these thoughts
With a dull pencil,
Until the time comes
When I will be 
Just a memory.
But my thoughts 
Will live on paper,
An echo of me.”

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Ian Shaw

Ian Shaw is a writer of morbid/horror poetry and short stories and is currently working on self-publishing a collection of his writings. He is incarcerated at California Rehabilitation Center in Norco, Calif., and is publishing under a pen name because he feels that his incarceration hurts his chances of being a successful writer.