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Photo by Sami Jms on Unsplash

Locked in this cell each and every day
Been askin’ to leave but they makin’ me stay
“Relax, Mr. Cole, what’s the big hurry?”
I’m losin’ everything I love and I’m startin’ to worry
“You eligible for parole” is what they say
Been twenty two years still waitin for that day
I wear this time; it fits like a muzzle
The years have passed by, this is my puzzle
Had two heart attacks, open-heart surgery, cut wit a knife
Dumbest man on earth fix my shit to keep doin life
Keep the covers over my head block out my fears
Naw keep it real don’t want nobody to see my tears
My eyes squeezed tight the tears run down my cheeks
As I now realize the days have become weeks
All my trust is in God; he got all the clout
Sometimes I’m scared, some days full of doubt
I feel like I’m a bag of toenails funky and old
As I watch the people who loved me become distant and cold
This is the life I chose — hold up wait a minute
Was just tryin’ to be cool, run the streets, yea I’m wit it
Will this pain ever end? I can’t take no more
I took 300 pills and knocked on heaven’s door
The angels said it’s not your time, go back, you stupid fool
Got bounced back to this cell, man, this shit ain’t cool
So I sit and wait just wanting to be loved
Hey, remember me. I’m Rocky, can I get a hug?

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

Rocky Cole is a poet from West Covina, California, who has been incarcerated most of his life. He is incarcerated in California.