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Cigarette butts on white painted surface
Photo by belchonock on Depositphotos

Some simple pleasures will drive you nuts!
Like all these inmates seeking cigarette butts.
They’re combing the grass, and in the trash can.
Every stogie they find is their favorite brand!
Mooch a paper, bum a light.
Gasp! Wheeze! Pure delight!
Heads all a-buzz with nicotine,
Next high to chase? That’s caffeine!
Empty cup on their finger, a beg on their lips,
Takes only a minute to cop a few sips!
Swig! Slurp! Splash and drip!
Now they’re off on ANOTHER trip!
Coughing and hacking, slinging snot from the nose,
Off on a mission! Gotta find some glucose!
Too lazy for breakfast, they slept like the dead,
Laid there and snored, missed the syrup and bread.
“Borrow” a Debbie, gobble it down,
Sugar rush! Break-dance around!
Let’s not forget the nastiest habit of all,
The one when you see it, it makes your skin crawl!
Careful where you walk, lean or sit,
Whatever you touch may be covered with spit!
Suck! Chew! Ptui! This is okay!
Try not to look, try to have a nice day!

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

J. Bauhaus is a writer incarcerated in Oklahoma.