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(From a July 20 @VoicesOfSanQuentin Instagram post)

Chris was released from San Quentin last week Monday, July 13, after more than 20 years. As head of Inmate Advisory Council, Chris says he was called to a meeting in late March in the Chapel Plaza area with the warden about  the transfer. “We [members of the council] kept giving him other suggestions on what we think could be done, sending them back out, etc. He said once it was endorsed [for them] come to San Quentin. That was a done deal.” 

Chris explains that initially the men from Chino were all placed in Badger. “However, they started filtering into the main line. They went to North Block. They went to H unit. They went to West Block.”  

In other words, the prison had knowledge for some time that it was going to transfer a group of men from what had been the epicenter of the virus in the state system and effectively distributed the virus throughout the prison by not isolating the men from Chino for the proper amount of time. Why weren’t they kept contained to one area? We demand answers and justice for San Quentin! We will be posting our weekly action items next. In the meantime, please go to the link in our profile for ways to help. #stopsanquentinoutbreak #carenotcages #human #cjreform 

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