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Marion reads from a letter she received from her husband Tommy Wickerd, who is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison.

There are reports that people are let out of their cells every three days for either a shower or phone call, or both if you’re quick. Due to the fact that kitchen workers tested positive, meals were being provided by an outside contractor. The feedback we heard is that the food from outside contractors was a major improvement, though portions were small, but food could sometimes be very cold or almost frozen. According to our sources, there are enough kitchen workers who are now feeling better and so as of today, meal preparation returned to the prison chow hall.

On July 22, 2020, CDCR posted an update saying that people who tested negative would be allowed to go to the yard. People were told that there would be a sign up sheet for it, but as of yesterday, no one has seen one yet. Yard would be 45 minutes, and there will be sanitizing after use. One concern is that there are tents on the yard being used to treat patients. 

We have heard that an outside company did come in for deep cleaning. We don’t exactly know what that means, but they guys sounded pretty excited about it. Also, we have been told that there is cleaning in the showers after each round. 

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