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I will always love you, I will never break your heart
I thought we would never grow apart
Broke your heart and told you awful lies
Broken promises and tears running down your eyes
A lonely house and sleepless nights

I’m sorry I cause you so much pain
I’m sorry I became a dishonorable man
I’m sorry I caused you so much stress
My life became a total mess
From now on, I’m going to do my best to change
Just give me an opportunity and a second chance
I like to see you smile
And for you I will go the second mile
I think of you the most when I pray
Praying we were happy and everything was the same

Don’t worry I will be home soon
To show you my love for you!
By giving you kisses and many hugs
I will be there before another tear drops.

This poem is dedicated to my mother, who has been there for me, always. Never given up on me, helping me in the good times and bad times.

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Jesus Roman Soroa

Jesus Roman Soroa is an artist and poet. He was convicted of attempted murder and is currently serving a 15-year sentence. He said the experience has humbled him, and he hopes to spend his time to be productive and rehabilitate. He is incarcerated at Ironwood State Prison in California.