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There was a riot at the North Central Unit (NCU) in Calico Rock, Arkansas last month — which, according to the Associated Press, involved 18 inmates and resulted in two being hospitalized. The guys who did it did it to get shipped. They said this unit is petty and bogus (which it is). They said they are all willing to do an additional few years just to make sure they don’t have to do it here. There were three barracks that participated. 

My barracks didn’t participate, but we could see the other barracks that did. We watched as the inmates busted windows and set a big blaze. Everyone rooted them on, since few people like this unit. I don’t like this unit either, but it does have its advantages.

My feelings are mixed about the inmates who were beaten. These were people who victimized children. I’m a tender-hearted person, and I wanted to feel they deserved it — but they were beaten with locks, broom handles and fists, and were robbed. They were dragged to their windows and made to beg the officers to let them out. The officers did not let them out, and the rioters then beat the inmates in front of the officers. They made them fight each other. While many found this acceptable — amusing even — my heart went out to them.

The riot then ended without much of a fuss. The rioters did their thing, messed some stuff up. They believe they did enough in order to merit being shipped. Will it?

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Happy StompingBear

Happy Mystik Rainbow StompingBear is a Native American transgender writer incarcerated in Arkansas.