Stone statue of a figure hugging it's legs
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

We all have a purpose, though I’m still searching
and investing in prayers; ain’t nothing else working.
This a game of life, I’m one of many pieces
like sand in the hourglass, see, time never ceases.
Destiny a foggy mirror, its reflection can’t be seen.
The world is unforgiving, what does that even mean?
Life’s a large puzzle, I’m awed by the scale.
How can it balance me and hammer every nail?
I’m battling behemoths, they got me by surprise
waiting on a victory, right now I’m paralysed.
Failure had come over me, since that’s what I fear.
“I can stop the pain,” death’s the voice that I hear.
That’s passion in his tone. My doubt makes me wonder.
Failure’s been my issue, soon he’ll take me under.
Do I make a stand as a broken man?
Why so many obstacles? I fail to understand.
If one week is agony, how do I last a year?
My voice is saying “FATHER,” what if HE don’t appear?
Did HE forget my voice, I’m calling from my heart —
did I lose connection? I suffered on my part.
Faith, yeah, I got it; I try to let it show.
I cry just a little when I think of letting go.
I’ve been falsely accused and sexually abused,
came back from suicide, and still not amused,
assaulted and shot at: that’s just a few
of things I’ve survived. Death’s overdue.
These details were private, if you didn’t know,
and I feel like crying, but I’m not letting go.

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Inervoyce is a writer incarcerated in Missouri. He writes under a pseudonym.