Prison Journalism Project has published work by more than 365 writers, poets and artists in 33 states, Canada and the United Kingdom. An additional 200 writers in our database have expressed interest in submitting their work to us.

In this section, our contributors, PJP J-school students and others introduce themselves and share their personal stories.

Christopher Blackwell

It didn’t take long to see how my writing could not only lift my voice but also expose harms done to others.

Steve Brooks

Forceful prose and moral clarity are hallmarks of Steve’s essays from San Quentin State Prison, whether he writes about education, criminal justice reform, or the broken relationship between communities and the police.

Chanell Burnette

Whether she’s writing about the pitfalls of addiction or the skyrocketing rates of diabetes in her community during COVID-19, Chanell’s articles are both personal and broad in scope.

Joe Garcia

Few writers on our site have rendered the texture of life in prison quite like Joe. He has an ear for dialogue, and his pieces come alive with voices, including his own.

Eddie Herena

Eddie Herena is the Prison Journalism Project’s first photographer, and his photo essays have helped us get a feel for life inside and outside the walls. Eddie’s openness to the world openness is one of his biggest strengths.

Ladrina Johnson

A lot of people think writing is a deathly boring career and I won’t waste word space challenging them. It’s a writer’s thing.

Dorothy Maraglino

Since November 2020, we’ve published poetry, personal essays, letters and journalism by Dorothy. No matter what the form, she’s remarkably skilled at bringing us inside the felt reality of prison.

Tariq MaQbool

Tariq’s astute and empathetic observations help us get a better sense of the spiritual and concrete realities of life in New Jersey State Prison.

Michael J. Moore

As a close observer of the dynamics between corrections staff and the people incarcerated at Monroe Correctional in Washington state, Michael has provided detailed scenes documenting abuses of power, notably over shower and phone access in “Officer Boothcop” and “The Queue Outside the Sergeant’s Door.”

Ryan M. Moser

As a lifelong writer, I’m inspired by the written word and its ability to change the status quo, lift hearts, face trauma, and connect with the world.

M. Yayah Sandi

I have lived through the complete American experience — from the dream of a college education, to successful careers in construction management and education, to the nightmare of incarceration.

Reginald Stephen

Since the earliest days of Prison Journalism Project, Reginald Stephen’s dispatches from Sing Sing Correctional Facility have given us a detailed picture of pandemic life inside the prison system.

Patricia Elane Trimble

Patricia, a trans writer in Jefferson City Correctional Center in Missouri, stands out for her commentary and stories on the incarcerated LGBTQ community as well as failings of the prison system and, more broadly, of society.