Opinion: I’ll leave prison next year. But under Florida law, when will I be able to vote?

December 3, 2021
In an Op-Ed piece for the Miami Herald, PJP contributing writer Ryan R. Moser argues that by requiring ex-offenders to pay money before casting a vote, Florida has introduced a modern-day poll tax.

Introducing American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside

September 22, 2021
PJP Director Kate McQueen examines an overlooked corner of journalism by and for people who are incarcerated in her essay for JStor Daily, “Introducing American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside.”

Why Prisoners Like Me Need Internet Access

June 30, 2021
In a piece for MIT Technology Review, Prison Journalism Project contributing writer Joe Garcia explains that he hasn’t been online in almost two decades. Being able to would help him prepare for life after his release.

Finding Purpose: The Journey of Transitioning While Incarcerated

June 6, 2021
In an excerpt of her book Finding Purpose: One Transgender Woman’s Journey published in Ms. Magazine, Prison Journalism Project contributing writer Patricia Elane Trimble writes about finding her authentic self while incarcerated in a violent maximum security prison for men.

Empowering Incarcerated People to Tell Their Own Stories

May 6, 2021
In an essay for Nieman Reports, Shaheen Pasha, a 2018 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow, writes about starting the Prison Journalism Project and training incarcerated writers to tell stories about their prison community.

I’m Incarcerated. This Is My Covid Lockdown Story.

April 6, 2021
As one blockmate after another fell ill, Prison Journalism Project advisor and writer John J. Lennon wrote in the New York Times about how he and fellow inmates tried to stay safe and care for one another. It wasn’t always enough.

The Cost of Calling My Mom from Prison

February 12, 2021
Prison Journalism Project advisor and writer John J. Lennon wrote in the New York Times about how Securus Technologies’ Jpay tablet has helped him stay connected with his mother.

Why It’s Important to Reduce COVID-19 in Prisons

January 31, 202
PJP co-founder Shaheen Pasha sheds light on the failure of prisons in protecting incarcerated people during the COVID-19 pandemic in an opinion piece for the Dallas Morning News.

The Story of a Woman Confined to a Men’s Maximum-Security Prison

January 18, 2021
PJP academic associate and University of Massachusetts Senior Lecturer Razvan Sibii interviewed PJP contributing writer Patricia Trimble for this article in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Parenting My Son From Prison

January 2021, Issue 2
PJP writer David Annarelli was featured in The Beat Within — a publication for incarcerated youth — for his essay “Parenting My Son From Prison.”

Man Versus Beast

January 2021, Issue 1
PJP writer John Adams reflected on the dehumanizing effects and the stigma of incarceration in his essay “Man Versus Beast,” published in The Beat Within.

In Prison, I Held on to Hope of Having a Family and a Normal Life. In 2020, My Dreams Came True.

December 23, 2020
PJP writer David Garlock reflected on his dream to have a family when he was incarcerated and his celebration of new beginnings in an opinion piece for the Dallas Morning News.

Even in a Pandemic, San Quentin Must Restore Rehabilitation Programs

December 14, 2020
In an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle, PJP scholarship student Marcus Blevins wrote about the importance of rehabilitative programs and the need for them to be restored as soon as possible even amid the pandemic.

On the Inside of an Outbreak: How Covid-19 Spread in San Quentin Prison

September 3, 2020
PJP contributing writer Steve Brooks examined the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic at San Quentin Prison in his story for the San Francisco Public Press.

We Were Locked in Our Rooms Due to Covid-19

September 1, 2020
“The COs are using COVID-19 to punish us more,” wrote PJP writer Gary Child in his detailed account in Street Spirit of the way Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution in Wisconsin is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Incarcerated Insights Into Isolation

August 1, 2020
“Whether you’re incarcerated or free, humanity shines brighter when we attempt to relate and discover insight into one another,” wrote PJP contributing writer Joe Garcia in his piece published in Street Spirit, an independent newspaper located in Northern California’s East Bay Area.

Inside San Quentin Prison, You Sit and Wait Until COVID-19 Comes for You

Julyl 23, 2020
In this Sunday op-ed article for the Washington Post, PJP editorial associate Joe Garcia wrote about the situation at San Quentin State Prison during one of the worst outbreaks in the country.

Locked Down Again

April 16, 2020
“When I was released to a transitional housing facility in the Los Angeles area, I thought lockdowns were a thing of my past. I really felt free, ” wrote PJP writer Salvador Solorio in an essay written at the beginning of the pandemic for the Life in Quarantine Project, soon after he was released from San Quentin State Prison.

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