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Externally, I appear to be
A leader of those, whom God has placed
Near to me 
But upon closer inspection 
With your own eyes you’ll bear witness, I lack direction
See, inside these impenetrable walls
Of my stubborn mind
Lies a way of thinking
So narrow and defined
With a singleness of purpose, I seek to find
New ways to solidify my demise
My thoughts have held me captive 
My actions shape reality
A prisoner of my mentality 
On my knees I beg, I plead
Lord!, won’t you come set me free?
I never think the thoughts I should 
Neglecting those who wish me good 
A prisoner of my own mind
And unless I change, Then here I’ll die
Nevertheless all hope is never lost 
If I change my thoughts, I’ll break these walls 

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Manuel Pagan Jr.

Manuel Pagan Jr. is a writer incarcerated at State Correctional Institution Fayette in LaBelle, Pa. He is the father of four amazing kids and a passionate musician. His music can be found on Apple Music and other online platforms under his artist name “Zona.”