Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash
Photo by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

The best thing that we can do is listen to you and by staying in the house we are saying “we appreciate you too”. what you do is truly beyond ordinary with a purpose far more than temporary and i
Notice U R Something Extraordinary….

i can see clearly your passion to make other people’s gray skies turn blue, only Angels can compare to you, your value is priceless, your heart is the nicest, your wings are the flyest, and this we know 7 days you’re a go….

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday you
Hake The World Turn For Someone Special,
when i sneeze you say bless you, i’d never second guess you i know that you care, when something goes wrong i know that you’ll be there….

the Earth’s superwoman, putting your life on the line to make sure i always keep mine….

HEAVENLY DIVINE: i would like to get this prayer out, to all the healthcare workers that i’m talking about, i’m grateful no doubt their hearts are the biggest, please grant them life’s wishes and keep them safe in their workplace, from beginning to end, the woman the NURSE, the friend, AMEN….

Thank you,

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Tarik Clark

Tarik Clark is a poet incarcerated at California Men’s Colony State Prison in San Luis Obispo.