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Letter lays on an envelope reading 'From me, to you, for us.'
Photo Illustration by Jillian Wesner. Source: Unsplash.

If I get my second chance?
I promised my daughter and my two sons I will not
Fail them again,
Is this how you felt growing up?
I told myself I’d be present, unlike my own mother!

If I get my second chance?
Maybe I can make my father proud,
When I do, will the weight of my first incarceration be lifted?
Your passing while I was in prison hurt so much, I
Still cannot explain seven years later.

If I get my second chance?
I may be 37 years old when I am released,
Are you saying 12 years will pass and I still will have choices to make?
At this age, I finally understand the vital importance,
That happiness is my selection!

When I receive my second chance.
I will continue to learn from my mistakes, While
Moving my failures behind me,
Do you mean all of my heartache and hardships will cease?
Pain builds character, which will direct your activities.

Always remember, love is the answer, love for our families, love for our friends, love for every living thing on earth, and also love for ourselves, that is the end result.

This letter is from me, to you, for us.

Disclaimer: The views in this article are those of the author. Prison Journalism Project has verified the writer’s identity and basic facts such as the names of institutions mentioned.

William Angelo “Tonylive” Latten Jr. is an African American writer and artist incarcerated in California. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement and hopes for justice for Breonna Taylor’s killing.